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Terance Frazier
Terance was born in Oakland, California where he grew up playing baseball and learned his parent’s family owned real estate business. After high school, Terance moved to Fresno to play baseball for Fresno State University. In 1990, he left Fresno State and continued his college baseball career at University of New Mexico for just one year. He came back to Fresno State in 1991 and just one year later, he was drafted by his hometown Oakland A's. Terance played professional baseball for the Oakland A’s as well as the St. Paul Saints of Minnesota. After a four year professional baseball career, Terance returned to Fresno to establish his own real estate and investment company.

Currently, Terance is President & CEO of TFS Investments, LLC. Over the last 20 years he and his team have continued to grow their business through extensive due diligence, strategic partnerships, and prudent investment decisions. The company specializes in all areas of residential and commercial real estate, with an extensive portfolio in Central California, Texas and Georgia. TFS Investments, LLC currently invests in approximately 100 residential properties per year and are developing several large commercial projects in Central California and Texas that will include retail stores, offices and condominiums. One is of those is Fresno’s Mid State Bowl project off Interstate 99.

Terance is married with five children and is a very active in his community and church. He is the recipient of numerous awards and accommodations which include: the City of Fresno, Mayor Alan Autry, Businessman of the Year by the National Republican Congressional Committee and the NAACP’s Image Award for business. He is a former member of the Chief Advisory Board, Fresno State University Foundation Board and is currently a member of the SCCC City College Board. He was also awarded with the Business Man of the Year in 2011 by Senator Michael Rubio. Amongst the numerous accolades, he is also the founder and Director of Central Cal Baseball Academy. The academy focuses on the development and mentoring of student-athletes in an environment that greatly encourages sportsmanship and academics. CC Baseball holds its athletes to the highest standards on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. Terance Frazier’s strong commitment and passion for his family, his business, and his community allows him to be a roll model for all members of his community.

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